In order to provision choice and control around social care for individuals, and provide options for alternative packages of care, the Scottish Government continues to fund a full Self-directed Support implementation programme. This includes funding to two project streams:

 The Support in the Right Direction Fund to ensure people are supported in setting their personal outcomes and able to make informed decisions; and the Social Care Innovation Fund to enable third sector social care providers to deliver flexible and creative support, and promote culture change through the workforce.

These funds include more than 40 organisations. For a summary of some of these funded projects and what they achieved over the course of 2012-2015, click on the link below. 

  • Ayrshire Independent Living Network (AiLN)
  • Children in Scotland
  • Community Brokerage Network
  • Encompass
  • Growbiz
  • Out of the Box
  • Pilotlight: Aging well with Self-directed Support
  • Practitioner Engagement
  • SCLD
  • Simon Community Scotland

Evaluations Summary